What are Your Monthly Commute Costs?

Multiply your daily round trip commute miles (A) by the number of days (usually 21) you commute per month (B) to determine your monthly commute miles (C).

(A) _____ x (B) ______ = (C) ______ Commute Miles

Multiply your monthly commute miles (C) by:

(a) .104 (Operating Costs only – gas, oil, maintenance, tires)


(b) .434 (Total Cost – insurance, depreciation, license, registration, miscellaneous taxes and operations costs)

(C)______ x (a)______ = ______ Monthly Commute Operating Costs (or)

(C)______ x (b)______ = ______ Monthly Commute Total Costs

My monthly commute OPERATING COSTS is: __________

My monthly commute TOTAL COST is: ________________

The average monthly cost for vanpooler is: ____________

As a vanpool rider, my monthly savings would be: _______

Both (a) and (b) represent average AAA figures for the Phoenix area – based on a 6 or 8 cylinder sedan driven 15,000 miles a year.

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