Housekeeping or Rules of the Road

Decisions Vanpool groups should make before the vanpool starts.

Once the vanpool has been formed they need to make decisions regarding the operation of the vanpool. Discussing these items before the vanpool starts paves the way for a smooth commute. Conduct the meeting in an open manner allowing members input on each issue. Some of the items for discussion are listed below.

This is only a sample list – each vanpool may have different issues to discuss. Capitol Rideshare can help you answer some of these questions.

  • How will the fare be collected each month?
  • Where will the pick-up and drop-off points be?
  • Must permission be obtained to park at these locations?
  • What time will the van arrive at the pick-up location?
  • How long will the van wait for late riders?
  • Will smoking be allowed in the van?
  • To what station will the radio be tuned?
  • Will the van stop for riders to do quick errands?
  • Is it ok to eat in the van?
  • Are any riders sensitive to strong perfumes or colognes?
  • How will future issues be addressed in the van?
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