The Van

Who supplies the van?
Valley Metro RPTA, through a contract with VPSI, the nation’s largest vanpool provider, supplies 9 & 15 passenger bench seat vans and 8 & 14 passenger luxury vans.

How is the van insured?
The van is insured with a $1,000,000 umbrella policy that covers collision, medical, and liability. There is a $250 at-fault deductible.

Who maintains the vans?
The vanpool driver accepts responsibility for fueling and coordinating maintenance for the van. All maintenance costs are covered in the vanpool fares.

Where is the van maintenance done?
The vans can be serviced at a variety of convenient locations around the Valley. Some maintenance can even be completed at the worksite.

What if the van needs extensive repairs?
Loaner vans are usually available so service won’t be interrupted.

How long is the vanpool agreement?
Vanpool agreements automatically renew every 30 days until written notification is given – 30 days in advance – stating that the members would like to terminate the agreement. Individual riders must also give 30 days notice to their group should they choose to leave the vanpool.

The Driver

What qualifications does a vanpool driver need to have?

  • Minimum age of 25 years
  • No more than 4 driving record points in the last 3 years
  • NO DUI/DWI, at-fault accidents, or hit and run citations
  • Valid Arizona driver’s license
  • Good credit rating

What responsibilities does the vanpool driver have?
The driver maintains the van, fuels the van, keeps it clean, collects fares from the riders, and pays the monthly bill. The vanpool driver must also be punctual and drive safely.

What perks does the vanpool driver get?
The vanpool program is set-up for the driver to receive a free commute plus up to 300 personal-use miles monthly, paying only for gasoline, (a $.25 fee is assessed for each personal-use mile over 300).

The Vanpool Riders

What responsibilities do the vanpool riders have?
Vanpool riders must be punctual with their arrival at agreed pick-up locations and with their monthly payments.

What rules govern the vanpool?
Each vanpool makes their own rules regarding smoking, music, pick-up points, length of wait at pick-up points and other issues important to the group.

What if I have a personal emergency and need to get home?
Each vanpool rider is allotted two guaranteed rides home per year. Valley Metro’s Emergency Ride Home Program reimburses riders for 100% of the tab.

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