Easy Steps In Forming A Vanpool

The Valley Metro/Regional Public Transportation Authority furnishes vans to commuter groups.

1. What to do first

Familiarize yourself with vanpooling by going through this information and reviewing your driver responsibilities. Figure the cost of your commute and remember the benefits for the riders so you can sell them on the program too!

2. How to get started

Capitol Rideshare can help you find riders for your vanpool as well as bring you up to date on policies and benefits for van riders. You can do a Matchlist right now by going here and filling out an application.

3. Recruiting riders

Email the people on the Matchlist or call those who have answered your advertising efforts and get a commitment to vanpool from them. Remember to sell the vanpool to them. Here are some things to emphasize when talking to prospective riders:

  • Costs savings compared to driving alone
  • Convenience of not driving to work, including use of the HOV lanes
  • Possible car insurance reductions
  • It’s fun to commute together

Capitol Rideshare can help you with ideas for forming a vanpool. Use a “Riders Wanted” poster, display it at work, neighboring work sites, or places near your home. Use e-mail, or newsletters to advertise. Ask your Agency Coordinator or Capitol Rideshare to set up a meeting of interested people at work and invite RPTA’s Vanpool Coordinator and Capitol Rideshare to give a presentation.

It is important to remember all the people who express interest. Keep a running list on rider roster. Remember that most vans hold 15 people, so the more people, the lower cost to each person.


4. Driving the van

Being a driver is a big responsibility. Review the responsibilities and benefits before making any commitments. Each van must have two back up drivers for those times when the primary is sick or on vacation. Anyone in the vanpool is eligible to drive if he or she meets the criteria below:

  • Must be at least 25 years old
  • Have a valid Arizona drivers license
  • No more than 3 points on driving record
  • No DUI, at fault accidents, or hit and run citations
  • Good credit rating if responsible for the account
  • Must be responsible and reliable
  • Usually collects fares

5. Road rules meeting

Before you order your van the group should have a “Vanpool Rules” meeting to establish the van route, pick-up points and times, how to collect the fares, etc. When you are ready, call Capitol Rideshare at 602.542-7433.

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