Why We Do What We Do

The Office of Travel Reduction Programs (TRP) is responsible for the education, motivation, and implementation of alternate commute options for State employees. Per the current laws, the State of Arizona is required, as an employer, to have a program whereby we encourage our employees to reduce their commute. We are the travel reduction program for all State employees in Maricopa County. Our office works together for the common goal of travel reduction, but we are divided into three main sections: Capitol Rideshare, State of Arizona Telework Program, and Agency Liaison Services. Working together, we assist State agencies in meeting their travel reduction goals, we design and implement the State of Arizona Travel Reduction Plan for Maricopa County, and we provide education and motivation for more than 23,000 State employees.

The 1988 Air Quality Bill (ARS 49-581 et seq.) requires all major employers to develop, implement, and maintain a Travel Reduction Program in order to reduce traffic impacts on air pollution and emissions within Maricopa County. Employers are asked to reduce single occupant vehicle trips and/or miles traveled to the work site by 10 percent a year for a total of five years, and then 5 percent for three additional years, or until a 60 percent rate of SOV travel is reached.

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