Lastone!Break code for.The ugg collection men's leather boots, produced in Italy, the ruggedly handsome in appearance, are suede uppers, done manually,cheap ugg boots black friday the details of the perforation is decorated, back to the TAB, leather insole."Ugg" embossed rubber outsole, tread of utilitarianism.Rhythm is tall.At present there are finally a pair of 6 PM, size 7.5 d, 41 yards or so students can consider to start.For $106.99, or 654.77 yuan.Both no.

UGG is not a brand, it is a type of boots, the first name is "ugly boots" (meaning "ugly shoes").World war I, Australian pilots with two pieces of sheepskin into shoes on their feet to keep out the cold,black friday cheap ugg boots in the round head boots later gradually popular in Australia, Australian nickname for UGG, namely UGG boots.Later, a part of surfing called Brian Smith took a pair of sheepskin boots arrived in the United States, California, from then on, cheap UGG boots become the irreplaceable a sheepskin boots.

Seemingly stupid cartoon shape is popular in all over the world to blow the wind.Now in the domestic market sales are popular in the United States the main the UGG Australia, and Australia's JUMBO UGG, Yellow Earth brands.

Strong winds, rain, snow.For a lot of chengdu people afraid of the cold, the temperature (sometimes a steep drop to a few degrees below zero in the winter, black friday ugg boots the most let a person cannot leave the things is all sorts of look very warm, like a steaming cup of coffee, such as a very beautiful scarf, also, for example, a pair of very heavy but you look very warm and comfortable UGG.

UGG, known as UGG boots black friday in China, since a few years ago, popular in all over the world to blow again after a whirlwind, both stars and ordinary women, one to the winter is very spoiled the appearance is not so good guy.Last year of Korean dramas "you from the stars," big star thousands of Iraq was wearing UGG.And in recent years, UGG design is more and more, the design is more close to the trend, many men also tempted, and were to join UGG fan club.

UGG is so popular, not only because of the warmth retention property good, more important is the boot of high permeability, comfort, barefoot wearing, like in the space of constant temperature and humidity, give a person with luxurious and comfortable enjoy."UGG has these features, the key lies in the materials."A familiar UGG the personage inside course of study tells A reporter, at present the domestic market price in 1500 ~ 3000 yuan authentic UGG, mostly using made in Australia or New Zealand merino lamb skins, generally use the best grade A skin.

Because there is a huge market demand, in order to seek exorbitant profits some illegal businessmen, all in the name of counters authentic or Australia, the United States buy on sb's behalf, fish in troubled waters in online or entity shop selling fake UGG, deceive consumers who don't know much about the UGG.Reporters yesterday in a shopping website keyword "cheap UGG boots", in the women's shoe category 13000 baby, found under the price from a few yuan to 23000 yuan, really let a person do not know how to start a bit.And some shopping plaza in spring city road, salt city population, reporter saw many small shoe store has all kinds of ugg boots black friday for sale, among them, the most classic canister boots price in one hundred yuan."Light from the cost, can judge the ugg boots is the stronghold of the one hundred yuan or so."Above the personage inside course of study says, consumers only consider its price is low, but the long-term wearing fake UGG boots has a great influence on the foot health, these fake fur not only hard, touch feel prick the hand, the key is not to strengthen the heel, shoes don't fit, it is easy to smelly feet, much less comfortable breathe freely, so from a health point of view, it is better to choose authentic UGG.

Although UGG design is more and more now, but I still love the classic boots, just to the location of the calf, not high not low, take the coat and leggings, is very good-looking.And my own basic every year from 2010 to now start with a pair of UGG, gray, brown, black.

Used to wear authentic UGG boots black friday, that kind of comfortable and breathable feeling is my favorite, don't wear socks are also very warm in winter, not easy to sweat.This pair of fake UGG, appearance looks similar to the real thing, but on foot feeling.Their shoes head a very stiff, the inside of the hair is artificial fiber, not so warm, insoles didn't hair, can draw out, this is really bad home.Shoe is not quite easy to collapse, shoes mouth parts are too open, and the calf is not fit.Wear fake shoes walk a few steps, followed by the uneven, always feel to go to cave in, very uncomfortable.

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